Wheelchair Slalom is an inclusive sport which can be played as a recreational activity, as a competitive sport and/or as an activity to help individuals with disabilities and health problems to develop their confidence, self-esteem, physical and mental health and different social skills.

There are different modalities to practice Wheelchair Slalom: individual or team competition. Each one has different proves like the timed test or the fixed and variable circuit.

Wheelchair Slalom will be part of the World Games competition with a previous training camp for all the participants and an open tournament.

Training Camp

From 8th to 9th August all the teams who wanted could participate in a techical practices with some of the best Wheelchair Slalom coaches  to improve their skills.

Open Competition

From 10th to 11th, after the training camp, athletes will have the opportunity to compete.

All participating countries must be members of CPISRA in good standing.

Age: 12 years over on 1st January 2018

Gender: Male and Female

Classification: WS1A-6



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