The FECPC was created in 1990. His aim is to promote and spread adapted sports around Catalonia. The president is Carles Muñoz. It is a private non-profit organization, which is ruled by the social intention to promote and develop the sports way of life to the people who have cerebral palsy, a disease that prevents the complete development of the body’s movement.

The Cerebral Palsy International Sports and Recreation Association (CPISRA) is the international governing body for sports for athletes with cerebral palsy. CPISRA Games has organized the pre-organization of CPISRA for the first time and is still organizing these games.

CP-ISRA sports are open to athletes with cerebral palsy, and athletes with similar disabilities resulting from other neurological disorders such as stroke or traumatic brain injuries.


The Sant Cugat City Council is a modern institution that promotes a lot of events and sports and aims to lead at all times.

Barcelona Diputation aims are to achieve excellence in the provision of services through efficient use of public resources and the improvement and constant innovation in public management.


The Generalitat of Catalonia is an institucional system which is organizated politically by the Catalonia’s goverment. It is formed by the Parlament, Consell Executiu and the President of the Generalitat (Quim Torra) as well as more institutions.

The UFEC is an organization of solidarity between catalonian sportive federations and the whole federated sport in Catalonia. It’s composed of about 70 Catalan federations which include some of the folowing: legal services, linguistics, press, accounts and assurances.

Main Partner

Catalònia Fundació Creactiva is a non profit organization with the aim to attend people with intellectual disability, no matter the degree of affectation. Currently Catalunya Fundacio Creactiva manage 16 attention center with 760 professional from disability attention sector attending 830 people. The foundation give an integral asistency to peopleo with intellectual disability with the objective to integrate them, give them more socialitzation facilites and a better quality of life.