World records are not an obstacle

Lucyna Kornobys done it again! But not once, also twice! In the morning and in the afternoon, field events are the speciallity of this Polish Athelete who has shown an idyll with Sant Cugat.

Yesterday morning the Polish athlete broke a world record in Shot Put event, but it was not enough for Lucyna, who beat a two new world record in the discus event, category F33 with a new mark of 17,48 meters; and in the javelin event, F34, with 15,75m.

More than a decade of domain broken easily

Was another athlete from Poland who keep the previous world record of the discus event with a mark of 12,76 meters, in force since 1992. But today was a good day for Lucyna Kornobys, 26 years after, when the Polish athlete beat the record in all her throws. Finally, Lucyna made her best mark, getting the new world record in her fifth throw.

But it was not all in a fantastic day for the Polish athlete. Because in the afternoon, at first hour, she had the javelin event (with a vigent world record in force of Asmahane Boudjadar since 1980).

Firstly, Julia Hannes of Canada made an incredible throw (a momentarily a new world record) with 14,46 meters. But again, once again, for third time in this CPISRA World Games, Lucyina Kornobys beat the previous mark getting a new world record with 15,75 meters in the javeline event.


Photos: Helena Artola

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