“We came to be the champions”

Brazil won the U19 CP Football IFCPF World Cup of the CPISRA World Games – Sant Cugat 2018 after getting a full of victories in all their matches, showing a great superiority with respect to the other two teams, Spain and Thailand.

We came here to be the champions“, said the coach of the U19 Brazilian National Team, Rodrigo Terra, after the final game of the competition. No duoubt about the goal for Brazil.  In Sant Cugat La Canarinha shown a young group full of talent and with a big future ahead. “It has been a great opportunity to leave our comfort zone, gain experience and share some knowledge with the other countries“.

The first game of the U19 World Cup against Spain put the Terra’s team in troubles (1-2 at the end of the match), but after some difficulties, the South American nationa team was intractable, making people enjoy, showing great individual skills. “We must to keep learning, accepting the responsibility of being one of the world CP Football potencies“, explain us Mr. Rodrigo Terra.

For the Brazilian U19 coach there is no other option: they want to be at the top. “We are working to get more and more, looking to become the best“, sentenced.


U19 CP Football IFCPF World Cup Results

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