The Athletes Test: Shelby Louise

Shelby Louise, a Para Athletic world record athlete from Scotland, was kind enough to take a minute out of her busy training schedule to answer our CP World Games questionnaire! Take a look at her answers below.

What did you do when you knew you were going to participate in the CP World Games?

I was so excited to receive my selection letter. For a good four weeks I was hanging around the front door hoping for a letter! I screamed when I opened it, I am so excited to complete once again at the games!

Will Sant Cugat 2018 be your first CP World Games experience? Are you nervous?

This will be my second CPISRA World Games and I am so excited but so equally nervous! But I believe nerves are good, it shows that a person really wants to go their country proud. I don’t think I will every not be nervous to compete!!

What does it mean for you to participate in the games?

It means everything to have been selected again to compete at these games. I am so honoured to get the chance to represent Scotland again at such a major event!

Since when did you train to prepare the CP World Games?

My training has never slowed down but since my selection letter I have been giving everything in train… and then some! Since I will be doing the 100-1500m my training is mixed so I’m not just focused on my sprints.

What is your goal in the CP World Games?

My goal for the games is to do my best. At the last games I came away with two world records and 2 European records, however even as the world record holder for all my distances, I still feel it is important to identify the need for an athlete just to do their best on the day. Leave it all on the track!

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