The Athletes Test: Iván Soriano

Iván Soriano, a Para Athletics athlete from Spain, took a precious moment of his time to fill out our CP World Games questionnaire and give us a glimpse into his journey to the Games. We are just dying to see what he said, aren’t you? Check out his answers below.

What did you do when you found  out you were going to participate in the CP World Games?

At the beginning of the season, when I was taking part of some international meetings, I realise I will participate in the games.

Will Sant Cugat 2018 be your first CP World Games experience? Are you nervous?

Yes! The CP World Games is the most important competition I will take part. I want to enjoy it, meet new adversaries and enjoy the experience that I will live.

What does particpating in the Games mean to you?

For me is the biggest competition ever I will take part. It will be at the end of the season. Also will be a great opportunity to know the level of the athletes from the other countries.

How long have you been training to prepare for the CP World Games?

Since the beginning of the season I’ve been training to be ready for all the competitions. Step by step. And the last one will be the games.

What is your goal in the CP World Games?

I want to get my best personal time, trying to win some medal. But the main goal is to get a new personal record.

Thanks Iván! Be sure to keep up with the CP World Games to hear more from our athletes and support their success. 

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