The Athletes Test: Gavin Drysdale

Gavin Drysdale, a Race Running athlete from Scotland, is the latest addition to our impressive list of those who have generously taken the time to respond to our CP World Games questionnaire. Take a look at what he had to say!


What did you do when you found out that you were going to participate in the CP World Games?

I was absolutely elated when I received the letter to say I had been selected to represent Scotland in Sant Cugat. It’s always an honour to represent your country at a major sporting event!

Will Sant Cugat 2018 be your first CP World Games experience? Are you nervous?

No, I represented Scotland at the last CP World Games in Nottingham three years ago, so I would like to think that experience will be useful as I compete in Spain. Having said that, each competition is different so there’s always apprehension.

What does participating in the Games mean to you?

The CP World Games is a fantastic movement to be a part of. It brings people with similar disabilities from all over the world together to the same place. That in itself is a wonderful thing. There are not many other opportunities which enable that to happen. From a sports perspective, it allows athletes like myself who currently haven’t got a Paralympic Pathway to follow the chance to compete in a world class environment.

How long have you been training to prepare for the Games?

I have known about my selection since February. At that time, I was busy studying for my upcoming school exams so I was having to do the challenging job of balancing my training with studying. I am pleased to say I sat my exams in May and since then, I have been able to fully concentrate on my preparations for the CP World Games and the season ahead.

What is your goal for the CP World Games?

I hope to continue my good form that I have shown in the early season and hope to defend some of my titles I won in Nottingham three years ago.


Thanks Gavin! Be sure to keep up with the CP World Games to hear more from our athletes and support their success. 

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  • Colin Duthie

    Gavin is an absolute legend, one of the hardest working athletes I know. And an exceptional young man. Go for it Gavin.

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