The Athletes Test: Emily Stewart

Emily Stewart, a Para Athletics athlete from England, is next up to answer our CP World Games questionnaire. Take a look to learn a little about her with us!


What did you do when you found out you were going to participate in the CP World Games?

What I did when I found out about my participation in the Games was a sigh of relief.

Will Sant Cugat 2018 be your first CP World Games experience? Are you nervous?

Sant Cugat 2018 will not be not be my first games; I was selected for the last one that was in Nottingham and came away as 4x world champion. I’m not nervous as I am more excited about it as my first time competing abroad.

What does participating in the Games mean to you?

It means a lot to compete at the games, as it’s a pleasure running in the English vest.

How long have you been training to prepare for the CP World Games?

I’ve been preparing / training for most of my career for this; it’s just gonna be tough in the heat, but I’ll deal with that.


Thanks Emily! Be sure to keep up with the CP World Games to hear more from our athletes and support their success.

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By pauFuentes / Administrator on Jul 11, 2018

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  • Ian Harrison

    Go Emily!! Everyone’s behind you. I’m sure your participation and success will be an inspiration to others.

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