The Athlete Test: Laia Cuscó

Laia Cuscó has been practicing Wheelchair Slalom in Catalonia for a long time. We could talk about Laia like an embassador of this new sport, actually in development. This is not a regular interview, it is more like a really interesting reflextion of an experimented athlete.

What did you do when you knew you were going to participate in the CP World Games?

I was really happy! We were following the news for months to know if I could participate in the games. When we realized that I could register, I had no doubt! 3 of the 4 members of Joves Vicuven club made the registration. Later, the national coach called me to become part of his group and I accepted. Right Away the announcement was public, I told to all my friends and my family. I still cannot believe it!

Will Sant Cugat 2018 be your first CP World Games experience? Are you nervous?

Yes. I guess that’s why I’m so excited. It is another step forward in my sport career. And yes, I’m a little bit nervous. But at the same time I am excited and wishing for the first day of the games.

What does it mean for you to participate in the games?

I feel more important, more valued.

Since when did you train to prepare the CP World Games?

I have been training all the season with my team, Joves Vicuven, two days per week. Since the school has finished, the area is not available for practices and, therefore, we’ve been practicing in some meetings, squares or streets with my two teammates who will also participate in the games, Sergi and Christian.

What is your goal in the CP World Games?

Improving my mark and make some new friends, but especially open the Wheelchair Slalom sport to other countries and athletes. I would like to let them know a sport so little valued and known, but with a big effort behind to push it to the international map.


Thanks Laia for your time and your reflection and future desires. We will wish your best!


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