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What does it mean to be a para-athlete? What does it take? The Proud Paralympian initiative, borne of the International Paralympic Committee, offers some ideas.

Run by athletes, for athletes, the Proud Paralympian program serves to empower and educate those involved in the Paralympic Movement, as well as inspire those para-athletes who aspire to compete in the Paralympic games. The program offers workshops and activities for athletes at any and all stages and careers, all of which are run by Paralympians who have been trained to become Proud Paralympian leaders. This is an excellent resource, and we are proud to be hosting several Proud Paralympian workshops in conjunction with the CPISRA. Modules will include such topics as:

  • The Paralympic Movement
  • Athlete Health and Wellbeing
  • Ethics
  • Human Rights
  • Working with the Media
  • Dual Career Strategy

Through the Proud Paralympian modules, participants become better equipped to be their best selves, both on and off the playing field, and better able to find their place in the Paralympic Movement. Athletes of the CP World Games will have the opportunity to attend these modules, ideally those most relevant and interesting to them, and it is our hope that the inclusion of Proud Paralympian will enhance the already exciting experiences in store for those in San Cugat this August! The schedule for the workshops will be posted soon.

For more information about the Proud Paralympian intitiative, or the Paralympic Movement, check out this link:

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By Rachel / Contributor on Jun 27, 2018

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