One of the Youngest Canadians

Aly Van Wyck-Smart 

Aly Van Wyck-Smart, a fifteen years old girl from Canada, just set a new American record in paraswimming. She recorded 3’ 11’’ 02’’’ on 100 meters backstroke. 


When did you start swimming? 

I have started swimming when I was ten years old, however until I turned fourteen I did not begin competing. 


What do you think about adapted sports?

In Canada we do not use this expression (adapted sports) to concern this type of sports. In my country, me, Ali Van Wyck-Smart, I’m just another athlete competing towards everyone regardless any disabilities. I’m, first, an athlete who competes with all other participants, and then I compete in some Paralympics games too. My coach claims that we all should talk about athletes and sports and not about disabled athletes and adapted sports. 


How is your experience in CP World Games?

Being part of this event just gave me the opportunity to take part in the big Canadian team, although I’m the youngest one. During this week I had a lot of fun and I also met a lot of people.  

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By volunteer / Contributor on Aug 11, 2018

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  • Mia Van Wyck-Smart

    Aly’s name is spelt incorrectly throughout this entire piece. Please correct it!

    • Staff

      Hi Mia. Thank you for your note. We corrected our mistake. Excuse us..

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