New Para Athletics event: T33/34 1500m

We have a new event inside the Para Athletics competitions in the CP World Games 2018. It’s is the 1.500 meters event for athletes with T33 and T34 category.

Due to a typographic mistake, this event didn’t appear in the qualifications entry standards (file updated). We hope not to have caused problems to the athletes affected because of this error.

Now, if you have some athletes who want to take part in the T33/34 1.500m event, please update your entry by sending an email with the information to


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By pauFuentes / Administrator on May 25, 2018

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  • Lafras

    I want to compete in the 800m i am T36 class. I went to nationals at South Africa amd i be provided with details please

    • Staff

      Hi Lafras! We will send you an email with all the information to participate in the World Games! 😀

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