Help us and become a CP World Games 2018 volunteer!

It’s about one year to start the CP World Games 2018, in Sant Cugat (Barcelona). But the organization has been working for months, since we were notified that we had been the chosen candidacy.

One of the tasks we are working is the volunteer’s area. Without the figure of the volunteer wouldn’t be possible to organize a championship like the World Games. And we’re glad to count with local support and from people from other countries who are showing their interest to participle in the World Games 2018 as a volunteers.

If you want to help as to organize the better World Games, please contact us sending a mail to: with the subject: “Your name + Volunteer WG” and we will answer your with all the indications.

We are going to give some facilities for the foreign volunteers like a better price in a hotel or some meals, depending their tasks. Some other souvenirs for the volunteers will be published in the future.

Many different tasks will be able for the volunteers, according to your experience and interests, with flexible schedule and all the facilities the LOC could give to you.


Help us and become a volunteer of the CP World Games – Sant Cugat 2018!

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By pauFuentes / Administrator on Aug 23, 2017

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  • Stella Lockwood

    Good morning,

    I am writing to register my interest in being a volunteer at the next World Games 2018 in Spain,
    I was involved in Nottingham, I was Team CP England co-ordinator, I really enjoyed my experiences with CP Sport, & also with the England Team, as well as meeting all the other World Games team members….It was a great event & I would love to be part of it again….

    • Staff

      Hi Stella and thanks for your interest to become a volunteer in the CP World Games – Sant Cugat 2018. We sent you an email!

  • Colin Stodel

    I was volunteer at 2017 Olympics and Paralympics at the stadium. First as front of house before bridge and then as Special Needs station in stadium

    • Staff

      Hi Colin! Thanks for your interest to become a volunteer in the CP World Games – Sant Cugat 2018. We sent you an email!

  • Stuart Walsh

    I have been involved with CP European Games at Nottingham helping with football and working with media . I also volunteered at The CP Football World Games in the UK. I have volunteered at four Special Olympics events and several Paralympic events. I enjoy working at these events and working with the athletes.

    • Staff

      Hi Stuart! Thanks for your interest to become a volunteer in the CP World Games – Sant Cugat 2018. We sent you an email!

  • David Paterson

    I have emailed you expressing interest in volunteering again for CP World Games following on from my volunteering t football and athletics events in Nottingham.
    David Paterson

    • Staff

      Hi David! Thanks for your interest to become a Volunteer in the WG! We just replied your mail.

  • Richard Mee

    My name is Richard Mee and I would like to register my interest at volunteering for the CP World games in 2018. I looked after the referees for the CP World games in Nottingham for football and was on the selection panel that appointed the referees for the quarter, semi and finals.

    • Staff

      Hi Richard! Thanks for your interest. We sent you an email some days before. We still working in the volunteers programme.

  • Robin horton

    Hi , i registered my interest in voluntereing at the games this year on the CPISRA website last year. I have not received a email regarding volunteering opportunties so I thought I would post on here in case my details have been mislaid. I woluntered at the 2015 games in Nottingham England and had a very rewarding experience as well as I hope , contributing alot to the team. I worked on the social media team posting from most if not all of the events throughout the games and volunteered for the full duration of the games. I would very much like to volunteer again this year in Spain and feel that I could bring my experience from 2015 with me along with alot of other roles I have worked in at the olympics in London and Rio and also volunteering in my local community. Please could you email me details of this years event and consider me for a role for the full length of the games, i would also be able to arrive before the games start if that was required as I am retired from my profession as an IT consultant and have a flexible time schedule

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