Free Admission for All Events of the CP World Games

As the CP World Games 2018 draws nearer, we have been receiving a great many inquiries about the price of admission to the Games. The answer is simple: there is free admission to all events of the CP World Games.

Yes, you read that right: FREE!

This applies to everyone, and it includes all sports competitions and auxiliary programming. You want to watch the CP Football games and Para Swimming competitions? No problem! They’re free! Can’t decide which Boccia match to attend? Why choose? They’re free! Dying to check out our Proud Paralympian workshops? Go right ahead! They’re free!

Free, free, free!

It is our hope that with this in mind, you won’t hesitate to support any and all of our athletes this August in Sant Cugat. It may not pay to be a fan, but at the CP World Games, it doesn’t cost anything either!

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By Rachel / Editor on Jul 10, 2018

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  • Susanne

    Could you please confirm if entry to the Opening and closing ceremonies are also free. Are booking required to these events?

    • Staff

      Hi Susanne,

      Yes, the entry of the Opening and closing ceremonies are also free.

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