Spain loses against Brazil (1-2)


Santiago Macià 

CPWorldGames Santiago Macià & Jorge Peleteiro

Santiago Macià, midfielder of the Spanish National team, has been the main lead of the first half as a result of scoring the first goal in the early minuts. 


The spanish player tells us how did they control the first half of the match until the Brazilian National team achieved to tie the game and finally won it at the last minuts. “We want the gold”, emphasises Macià. 


The coach, Jorge Peleteiro, adds:  “It has been a really challenging match with a possible victory. Our physical condition, the weather and the youthfulness of some of our players did not help us at all”. Peleteiro remarks that it’s been the first competitive experience for almost half of the team.


Peleteiro ends: “I trust that my team has the quality enough to get the first position”.  

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