24 Countries to Participate in the CP World Games 2018

Can you believe that the CP World Games 2018 are now less than 4 weeks away? We certainly can’t! In honor of the rapidly approaching event, we have for you the final list of countries competing in the Games, as well as in which sports each country’s team will be participating.

So! Without further ado, the World Games and Sant Cugat would like to give a warm, early welcome to:


Country Competing in
Argentina Para Swimming
Australia Para Athletics | Para Swimming
Austria Para Athletics | Para Swimming | Wheelchair Slalom
Brazil CP Football
Canada Para Athletics | Boccia | Para Swimming
Croatia Wheelchair Slalom
Czech Republic Para Swimming
Denmark Para Athletics
England Para Athletics | Para Swimming
India Para Athletics | Para Swimming
Japan Female CP Football
Lithuania Para Athletics
Netherlands Para Athletics | Female CP Football
Oman Para Athletics
Poland Para Athletics | Para Swimming
Portugal Para Athletics | Boccia | Wheelchair Slalom
Scotland Para Athletics | Boccia | Para Swimming
Singapore Para Athletics
South Africa Para Athletics | Boccia |Para  Swimming
Spain Para Athletics | CP Football | Female CP Football | Para Swimming | Wheelchair Slalom
Sweden Para Athletics
Thailand Para Athletics | Boccia | CP Football
UAE Para Athletics
USA Para Athletics | Para Swimming
Independant Athlete (CPISRA) Para Athletics

Of these countries, we have plenty of returning teams (those who competed in the CP World Games-Nottingham 2015) and plenty of new ones; this is exactly what we hoped for, and we are very pleased to see the CP World Games growing with time.

Keep in mind that, in addition to the competitive events, the World Games will feature sports camps, Proud Paralympian workshops, a Wheelchair Slalom conference, and the CPISRA General Assembly. Beyond this, the wonderful town of Sant Cugat and the surrounding city of Barcelona will be at our doorstep!

Needless to say, there will be much to do and see at the World Games in August, and we are thrilled that so many countries will have the opportunity to experience those things with us.

Keep checking our website and follow us on social media for more and more updates as the Games get closer.

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By pauFuentes / Administrator on Jul 12, 2018

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  • Stephanie

    Will there be organized sight seeing trips that text teams can participate in?

    • Staff

      Hi Stephanie! How are you? I’m sorry, but I dont understand your question. Are you asking about visits in the venues or turistic places in the city for the teams? Thanks.

  • Marion Peters

    We will compete with 2 Athletics Female Athletes
    Isabelle Foerder T37; 100m, 200m, 400m;
    Uta Streckert T35; 100m, 200m
    Marion Peters/ Coach

    Please inform me, if we can send you the offical entry information;

    Both have focused on the European Championships in Berlin, but unfortunatly they got no support from the headcoach;

    May be, we are to late, but we will ask for a start;

    • Staff

      Hi Marion! You would have to send this questions through your federation or association you are with. The deadline to send entries has ended, but we will send you a reply by email attending your situation.

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