Talking with Austrian WSlalom Team

Austria is one of the countries, with Croatia, Portugal and Spain, who is taking part of the Wheelchair Slalom competition. Also, the Austrians are one of the partners of the Erasmus+ Programme, leaded by the Catalan Sports Federation for People with Cerebral Palsy (FECPC), to develop Wheelchair Slalom sport around Europe. Yesterday we talk to […]

W-Slalom International Conference

One of the most important part of the CP World Games besides the sports competition, as a result of all the efforts the LOC and CPISRA are doing, are all the surrounding activities to develop new sports like Boccia, Female CP Football or Wheelchair Slalom with the training camps, conferences and Proud Paralympian programme. Specially […]

The Athlete Test: Laia Cuscó

Laia Cuscó has been practicing Wheelchair Slalom in Catalonia for a long time. We could talk about Laia like an embassador of this new sport, actually in development. This is not a regular interview, it is more like a really interesting reflextion of an experimented athlete. What did you do when you knew you were […]