Gavin Drysdale, 100 male RR3 winner

Gavin Drysdale, 17, from Scotland, is the winner of the 100 male RR3 final. We did a quick interview after his race. How was the race? G. It was going well until something went on my frame but I managed to continue and win. What were your expectations before coming to the competition? G. To […]

The Athletes Test: Gavin Drysdale

Gavin Drysdale, a Race Running athlete from Scotland, is the latest addition to our impressive list of those who have generously taken the time to respond to our CP World Games questionnaire. Take a look at what he had to say!   What did you do when you found out that you were going to […]

Big Step forward for Race Running

As the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced today, Race Running will be part of the World Para Athletics event. This is a “fabulous and very exciting news”, confessed CPISRA in their website. CPISRA was working hard to develop Race Running as shows the incorporation of this sport in the Cerebral Palsy World Games – Sant […]