Big Thanks!

It was a long journey to arrive to the CPISRA World Games 2018 in Sant Cugat. In 2015 I had the opportunity to travel to Nottingham and discover a little bit more about CPISRA and the World Games. The well done job realized by CP England encouraged myself and the FECPC to bid for the […]

Aloma Vives and Paula Tudela judges of the PC World Games


ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW OF ADAPTED SPORTS When was the last time you watched an adapted sport competition on TV? As Paula Tudela says adapted sports entails less media interest and she is still wondering why.   Tudela has worked in psychic disabilities and claims that even the Paralympics Games have almost no visibility. Even […]

Refreshing snack

“Va de fruita” To all the people who participates in CPISRA World Games, we have a market stall for all of you who wants to drink or eat something refreshing!   The organization provides us with fresh fruit, natural orange juice, watermelon and melon slush. All these fruit is fresh, natural and organic which will […]

Multitudinous Openning Ceremony

From Oman to the Netherlands, all the way to Brazil and back to Scotland. One by one, all 24 countries made it to the CPISRA World Games inauguration that had place in Sant Cugat this evening. Music, dance and show opened the ceremony -with our official mascot, Lili, appearing for the first time!-, only followed […]

La Fura dels Baus to open the games

Good afternoon everyone! World Games 2018 are almost here! The doors will be open at 19:00 h. and the opening ceremony will start at 20:00 h. in the Guinardera. Entrance is FREE! We will start with a parade of all the competing teams in alphabetical order and the introduction of the mascot. This will be […]

Development Sports Schedules

See below the official development sports schedules for the Boccia, Female CP Football and Wheelchair Slalom competitions of the CP World Games – Sant Cugat 2018: Check the official schedules of the Para Athletics and Race Running, CP Football and Para Swimming competitions here. On the following days we will also publish “Sports Guide” with […]

Official Competition Schedules

See below the official competition schedules for the Para Swimming, Para Athletics & Race Running and CP Football competitions of the CP World Games – Sant Cugat 2018: On the following days we will also publish the Wheelchair Slalom, Boccia and Female CP Football schedules. Also we will publish the “Sports Guide” with all the criteria, […]

24 Countries to Participate in the CP World Games 2018

Can you believe that the CP World Games 2018 are now less than 4 weeks away? We certainly can’t! In honor of the rapidly approaching event, we have for you the final list of countries competing in the Games, as well as in which sports each country’s team will be participating. So! Without further ado, […]

Free Admission for All Events of the CP World Games

As the CP World Games 2018 draws nearer, we have been receiving a great many inquiries about the price of admission to the Games. The answer is simple: there is free admission to all events of the CP World Games. Yes, you read that right: FREE! This applies to everyone, and it includes all sports […]