Proud Paralympian

What does it mean to be a para-athlete? What does it take? The Proud Paralympian initiative, borne of the International Paralympic Committee, offers some ideas. Run by athletes, for athletes, the Proud Paralympian program serves to empower and educate those involved in the Paralympic Movement, as well as inspire those para-athletes who aspire to compete […]

CP World Games 2018 Drawing Contest

As the CPISRA World Games are swiftly approaching, we are happy to announce the finalists of our drawing contest! Several students from the Viaró Global School, appropriately located in San Cugat del Vallès, participated in the competition. We have found that drawing contests of this kind are a great way to get students of the […]

Help us and become a CP World Games 2018 volunteer!

It’s about one year to start the CP World Games 2018, in Sant Cugat (Barcelona). But the organization has been working for months, since we were notified that we had been the chosen candidacy. One of the tasks we are working is the volunteer’s area. Without the figure of the volunteer wouldn’t be possible to […]