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It was a long journey to arrive to the CPISRA World Games 2018 in Sant Cugat.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to travel to Nottingham and discover a little bit more about CPISRA and the World Games. The well done job realized by CP England encouraged myself and the FECPC to bid for the Games and start the project with CPISRA

It was very easy to find the City to host the Games as we always counted with the support of our friends from Sant Cugat, I think no other city has done that much for cerebral palsy sport or inclusion on the last 5th years.

The rest was always challenging for our federation that faced lots of difficulties during the process to generate the World Games like losing Para Taekwondo or Para Table Tennis as part of the Games. However on this way we always found friends that encouraged us to continue hard working and trying to deliver the best possible experience for our athletes. I have a lot of names to talk about but let me just here list some of them.

I think that a great part of the World Games success must be direct responsibility from the CPISRA staff, specially to Sam Turner. On the last two years we probably talked hundreds of times but I had never the time to say you that- Thanks my friend it was an authentic pleasure!!! Lucky we were never alone and Peter Drysdale and Craig supported us specially in the worst occasions (classification issues).

Continuing with the list, I would like to thank also the Grup Catalonia Creactiva, and unexpected main partnership that was more than decisive for the good functioning of the Games. Thank you Maria.

To my team staff FECPC, Angels, Glòria, Teixi, Nina, Pau, Ingrid, Júlia, Laia, Manolo, Maite, Jose Luis, Xavier, Ricardo, Jordi, Marín, Joan, Andrea and our President. You cannot imagine how hard They all worked on the last three months to deliver the Games, I feel really proud to be part of this little federation that on the last years and through the difficulties did again a dream become possible. Thank you my friends we did it again!!!

To Andres Fuentes our car pool responsible that still nowadays is fighting to defeat his illness. We missed you a lot!!

And finally because they are all probably the most important to the athletes and volunteers. Thank you for your effort, sympathy and hard work  to perform your best during the World Games, it was amazing to had you all here enjoying with the competition.

To the volunteers a great thank that will be probably shared by everyone involved in the games in any way. You all guys did a great job but just let me specially thanks to some of our older and experienced volunteers involved in transports (the first starting and the late continuing when everything is over – Goyo and Ferran – soys unos cracks) and the last recognition to the volunteers coming from Argentina, India and Great Britain to support us although the language barriers.

Sometimes dreams come reality and you all made it possible.


See you all in the following Games.

Ismael Sánchez

Director of the Local Committee Organizator of the CPISRA World Games – Sant Cuugat 2018

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