Big Step forward for Race Running

As the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced today, Race Running will be part of the World Para Athletics event. This is a “fabulous and very exciting news”, confessed CPISRA in their website.

CPISRA was working hard to develop Race Running as shows the incorporation of this sport in the Cerebral Palsy World Games – Sant Cugat 2018. The decision of the IPC “addresses our strategic agenda of providing athletes with high support needs further opportunity”, told Ryan Montogomery, IPC Summer Sports Director.

RaceRunning was founded over 25 years ago in Birmingham in an exhibition event at the 1998 IPC Athletics World Championships, but the concept of RaceRunning was originally developed in Denmark. The goal of Race Running is to provides athletes with High Support Needs the opportunity to participate in an aerobic competition on the athletics track.

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By pauFuentes / Administrator on Oct 20, 2017

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