One of the Youngest Canadians

Aly Van Wyck-Smart  Aly Van Wyck-Smart, a fifteen years old girl from Canada, just set a new American record in paraswimming. She recorded 3’ 11’’ 02’’’ on 100 meters backstroke.    When did you start swimming?  I have started swimming when I was ten years old, however until I turned fourteen I did not begin […]

Talking with Austrian WSlalom Team

Austria is one of the countries, with Croatia, Portugal and Spain, who is taking part of the Wheelchair Slalom competition. Also, the Austrians are one of the partners of the Erasmus+ Programme, leaded by the Catalan Sports Federation for People with Cerebral Palsy (FECPC), to develop Wheelchair Slalom sport around Europe. Yesterday we talk to […]

Aloma Vives and Paula Tudela judges of the PC World Games


ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW OF ADAPTED SPORTS When was the last time you watched an adapted sport competition on TV? As Paula Tudela says adapted sports entails less media interest and she is still wondering why.   Tudela has worked in psychic disabilities and claims that even the Paralympics Games have almost no visibility. Even […]

Leah Poole

Leah Poole – Female CP Football

-TALKING WITH LEAH POOLE- “IFCPF believes there should be inclusive and accessible playing opportunities available to everyone” How long are you been involved with the Female CP Football?   As a fairly young international federation, IFCPF started work to develop Female CP Football since we were established in January 2015. Personally, I have worked with CP footballers […]



NEW WORLD RECORD IN SHOT PUT A new world record has just been beaten by Lucyna Kornobys from the Poland National team with a throwing of 6.96 meters. However, in the same category (F33) Julia Hannes, from the Canadian National team, beat it before her.  

CPWorldGames Santiago Macià & Jorge Peleteiro

Spain loses against Brazil (1-2)

“WE WANT THE GOLD”  Santiago Macià  Santiago Macià, midfielder of the Spanish National team, has been the main lead of the first half as a result of scoring the first goal in the early minuts.    The spanish player tells us how did they control the first half of the match until the Brazilian National […]

Refreshing snack

“Va de fruita” To all the people who participates in CPISRA World Games, we have a market stall for all of you who wants to drink or eat something refreshing!   The organization provides us with fresh fruit, natural orange juice, watermelon and melon slush. All these fruit is fresh, natural and organic which will […]