A great historical success

The first ever IFCPF Female CP-Football Development Camp & Competition at Sant Cugat, Barcelona, Spain from 8-11 August 2018 was an amazing experience for staff and players! The four days of training and competition where filled with challenging technical exercises, tactical sessions and inspiring workshops. Also the first ever Female CP-Football match was played between […]

Big Thanks!

It was a long journey to arrive to the CPISRA World Games 2018 in Sant Cugat. In 2015 I had the opportunity to travel to Nottingham and discover a little bit more about CPISRA and the World Games. The well done job realized by CP England encouraged myself and the FECPC to bid for the […]

“We came to be the champions”

Brazil won the U19 CP Football IFCPF World Cup of the CPISRA World Games – Sant Cugat 2018 after getting a full of victories in all their matches, showing a great superiority with respect to the other two teams, Spain and Thailand. “We came here to be the champions“, said the coach of the U19 Brazilian […]

World records are not an obstacle

Lucyna Kornobys done it again! But not once, also twice! In the morning and in the afternoon, field events are the speciallity of this Polish Athelete who has shown an idyll with Sant Cugat. Yesterday morning the Polish athlete broke a world record in Shot Put event, but it was not enough for Lucyna, who […]

Gavin Drysdale, 100 male RR3 winner

Gavin Drysdale, 17, from Scotland, is the winner of the 100 male RR3 final. We did a quick interview after his race. How was the race? G. It was going well until something went on my frame but I managed to continue and win. What were your expectations before coming to the competition? G. To […]

Multitudinous Openning Ceremony

From Oman to the Netherlands, all the way to Brazil and back to Scotland. One by one, all 24 countries made it to the CPISRA World Games inauguration that had place in Sant Cugat this evening. Music, dance and show opened the ceremony -with our official mascot, Lili, appearing for the first time!-, only followed […]

La Fura dels Baus to open the games

Good afternoon everyone! World Games 2018 are almost here! The doors will be open at 19:00 h. and the opening ceremony will start at 20:00 h. in the Guinardera. Entrance is FREE! We will start with a parade of all the competing teams in alphabetical order and the introduction of the mascot. This will be […]

The Athletes Test: Gavin Drysdale

Gavin Drysdale, a Race Running athlete from Scotland, is the latest addition to our impressive list of those who have generously taken the time to respond to our CP World Games questionnaire. Take a look at what he had to say!   What did you do when you found out that you were going to […]

W-Slalom International Conference

One of the most important part of the CP World Games besides the sports competition, as a result of all the efforts the LOC and CPISRA are doing, are all the surrounding activities to develop new sports like Boccia, Female CP Football or Wheelchair Slalom with the training camps, conferences and Proud Paralympian programme. Specially […]