Aloma Vives and Paula Tudela judges of the PC World Games

When was the last time you watched an adapted sport competition on TV? As Paula Tudela says adapted sports entails less media interest and she is still wondering why.


Tudela has worked in psychic disabilities and claims that even the Paralympics Games have almost no visibility. Even though, she

thinks that the adapted sports field is getting better and better as more athletes are getting engaged, compared to what was happening twenty years ago when she started working in this field. 


When talking about adapted sport, what do we think about? Aloma Vives, PE teacher and one of the judges of the games, emphasizes how the judges need to be impartial but also show empathy with the athletes. However, they need above all to be strict with the decisions they make while following the rules.


Both share the same strong feeling concerning how the athletes of adapted sport act with humility and solidarity towards everyone. It does not seem they are competing, but sharing the experience all together. They value the work of all professionals and show a high commitment with the effort they put into their training. That is why, Tudela says, “I feel so moved when an athlete gets to the finish line and I can see all their effort”. We have been able to see this in a 400 meters race, when an athlete fell into the ground but managed to get up with a lot of effort and courage and finally get to the end line.  

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By volunteer / Contributor on Aug 10, 2018

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