CP World Games – Sant Cugat 2018 are organised by Catalan Sports Federation of Cerebral Palsy (FECPC, Catalan Acronyms) and CPISRA with the collaboration of Sant Cugat City Council.


The FECPC was created in 1990 as sport group, thanks to the collaboration of an exceptional set of people interested in supporting sports suited for people affected by cerebral palsy and cerebral injury. We are ready to under take new and exciting projects that will further our mission.

Previous Experience with International CP Competitions

– 2013: CPISRA Intercontinental Cup

The FECPC organized the 2013 CPISRA Intercontinental Cup, an international CP Football competition held at Sant Cugat del Vallès. The tournament had the participation from 16 of the most prominent teams from around the globe, like Canada, EEUU, Brasil, Argentina, Russia or Ukraine, the final iCup champion.

Xavi Hernández, FC Barcelona legend player, gave his support to the CPISRA Intercontinental Cup being the image of the competition.

– 2015: Boccia European Regional Cup

As one of the International Boccia Sports Federation (BISFed) associated members, FECPC was encouraged to organize an European Regional Cup in 2015. The competition was held, one more time, in Sant Cugat thanks to the City Council facilities. 23 teams took part in the Boccia competition like Azerbaijan, Belgium, Faroe Islands, GreatBritain or Portugal.


– 2016: 1st international ipc swimming

The International IPC Swimming Trophy – Gran Premi Diputació de Barcelona started in April 2016 and next year (2018) will celebrate the third edition of the competition, with more international countries.

This competition has a very special feature due to its inclusive character. In this international Trophy of Swimming IPC you can see, in the same pool, athletes with and without disability competing together and learning from each other.

– 2014: CPISRA General Assembly

In 2014 FECPC organized the 2014 CPISRA General Assembly with about 25 delegates from all around the world. The Assembly was held in October in Sant Cugat.

– 2016: Preparalympic tournament

The International CP Football Federation trusted again in FECPC to organize a big tournament. The Pre-Paralympic Tournament, held in Salou between April and June, was the last official contest for the national teams who get qualified for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

Teams like USA, Brazil, Argentina, Great Britain Ireland or the final champion, Ukraine, came to Catalonia enjoying a really good experience for everybody who was involved.

– 2017: 12th CP Football International Trophy – Ciutat de Barcelona

This was the last edition of the most veteran European CP Football trophy. Celebrated in Barcelona, with a hot weather, 7 national teams and British club CP United took part in the competition. The Manchester team won the competition after a really exciting match against Chile.

Next year it’s supposed to have a new and bigger edition, with an exponentially growing after years doing well step by step. All teams were really happy after the trophy, asking to take part in the 13th edition.